5 Fall Menswear Staples Our Editors Can’t Stop Wearing

by The Editors of The BleauBook

The Guys in our office, from the digital team to us that hit the streets, all have this sort of unspoken aligning uniform. What most would call a staple, we just call it “we only wash it when the smell gets in the way of everything else” lol – but no, seriously. So I sat with some of the guys, more like watched them in stalky corners, and kind of tallied what they were wearing for about a week. Here’s what we came up with:


A GOOD LOGO TEEIMG_9103 copy.png

FreeBeforeEleven : Concept 6

Also known as Graphic Tees.

“I mean this is honestly an easy piece for everyone to wear. There’s millions of different style Graphic tees out there. Whether we like it or not – either way, they’ve made their way into everyones closet lately one way or another. They’re extremely ideal for a good throw on and go outfit and just completely badass”

– Joey Thomas, Staff Writer




Balenciaga Speed Runners

I know how they’re pronounced, but I mean – lets be honest we all say it the way Daniel does. Lol.

“You know when these shits hit the block everybody was going up! They just lit as hell! I threw these on with my suit the other day and was just like dam.. I got on Balance Sneaks with a suit and I don’t even have to wear socks.”

– Daniel Day, Sr. Catalog Editor


Denim Trucker Jacket


Levi Denim 1942 Jacket

A Staple anybody must have. It’s honestly reasonless and looks great on anyone with anything.

“I used to hate wearing denim jackets. I’ve alway been skinny ass hell and thought they made me look like a little tree twig, but then I discovered buying my clothes in the right size and now I can’t get enough of wearing them!”

– Cailou Prescott, Staff Writer


Camo Pants


Abercrombie & Fitch Camouflage Cargo Pants

Camo has always secretly been the new black. It matches with just about everything.

“I honestly don’t even like to wear anything other than camo. As loud as it is it’s very discrete. As the video director, on set we have to blend in, and what other way to do so than camo?”

– Katy Todds, Sr. Video Editor


Oversize Hoodie


Monki Oversized Chocolate Hoodie

When you want to be chic af but lazy too..

“I feel like I can work hard and lay in the bed while standing up all at the same time when I wear an oversized hoody. Like I’m a millennial trending Karl Lagerfeld. *eye squint*”

-Tommy Taylor, Asst. Editor

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