Dominic Cooper Give A Lesson In Summer Suiting At L.A. Premiere of Preacher

photos by Getty Images

Dominic Cooper is the reigning champ of giving the swooning eyes that undoubtedly knocks the ladies down so it’s not too far behind that he would have the style to match.

dominic cooper 2

As if dressing for a summer premiere isn’t already hard enough, wearing a suit could possibly be harder. Cooper walked the red carpet making a style statement in a monochromatic wine red/maroon suit. In the hotter season its natural to want to go forth with a light color – but in the evening the warmer the better.

The tweed double breasted suit is a mechanism moment of jazz and comfort. Opting for a crewneck instead of a regular woven is the pivot moment in making this suit not only appropriate for the season, but classic and formal. A note taken is when and when not to let accessories talk. Finishing the look with gray suede shoes and matching shoe laces to the color of his suit is just the expression needed at the premiere.

The 10 episode third season of Preacher will debut on AMC June 24.

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