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The Engineer behind Songstress Veronica Vega’s NYFW game changing looks: Demi Dorsey.

& by Engineer we mean, Super Stylist – because yes they are Superhero’s and sometimes do wear capes.

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Meet Demi Dorsey:

the hailing Atlanta based Fashion Stylist.


 The 24 year old originally from Maryland dawns an extensive catalogue in the industry with Styling. With an Instagram portfolio of impeccable Polyvore inso Style Boards, it’s no doubt that he’d be scouted out by an authentic talent to share those rare style ideas with. Whom is Veronica Vega.

We were able to brush shoulders with the duo at the Tom Ford Men’s SS18 RTW show at NYFW where she dawned a motorcycle badass red dress finished with a tulle mini-train. Yeah, it was definitely a situation.. A situation that we had to contact the highly acclaimed Stylist and get the background on any future situations we need preparation for.

interview by Frankie Bleau

BleauBook: Where are you from?

Demi: Well originally I’m from Maryland, but was partially raised in Goldsboro NC, in a single mom household but my dad was always in the picture, with two brothers and two sisters so yeah a total of five and I’m the second to the youngest child but the youngest boy.

BleauBook: Youngest boy?! I can definitely second that as I am too. Lol. I’m curious to know, How’d you get into styling? How did it all start for you.

Demi: I got into styling not really by accident but chasing something I thought I wanted to do but realizing that I like another option better. Growing up I always watched my mom get dressed for parties and to go out and I always enjoyed the process, and I think that sparked my interest to Fashion Design, but as time progressed I realized I just like putting the overall package together and discovered that there was a lane to do that and that’s when I came across June Ambrose and was like “I want what she has.”


BleauBook: No doubt that she’d be very ecstatic with how you’re jumping out the gate. Now about these NYFW looks!

Demi: *chuckles* Yea..

BleauBook: About this Red Dress moment!! Talk about a moment! I mean How did this happen?!

Demi: It kinda took a village *laughing*. I was on Pinterest when I got this Tulle idea from a few different pictures that I saw while browsing. I have a lot of up and coming friends in a lot of different avenues so I was able to make a few calls, go back and forth with them, and boom.. Everything kind of just fell into place after that.

BleauBook: Definitely fell into place! All eyes were definitely on you guys when the moment happened. I mean my own Photographers literally left me to catch the hype. Lol

Demi: Oh wow.. *laughing*

BleauBook: How did you two come in fruition? How did the Demi Vega reign begin?

Demi: We met about two years ago through mutual friends. I was actually working with a group at the time but of course it was for a friend so I was all game. It took a while for us to actually meet because of conflicting schedules, but one time that she was in Atlanta when I was she hit me up about doing a Photoshoot and its been gold ever since.

BleauBook: Which was your favorite look from NYFW?

Demi: My favorite look from fashion week is hard for me to choose because I honestly loved everything u know that sounds a little biased because it was my work my eye but I would say it’s between two looks.

The red look that we did for Vega for the Tom Ford show was a GAGGER!!

I felt like it had sooooo many good elements added to it that somebody was gonna fuck with it regardless. Little did I know it was gonna make it on Marie Claire website. All the people who helped make that moment happen from the vision that I told them I wanted from Sydney Stewart who made the skirt and top, Runway Pride for the gloves, Gloss The Label for the Glasses, BlXCK GYPSY for the earrings. That look was a good mix of cool, glam, sexy, and drama which all equals up to Vega.

The second look would probably be the red two piece we did for the vfiles party which was also created by myself and Sydney Stewart (my partner in crime) and hair by Nya Rich. I call it the mortal kombat look because it gives like slight ninja – slight assassin vibes and was sexy – yet still playful. People enjoyed that look more than I thought they would, and it’s crazy because that look almost didn’t happen.

BleauBook: Wait, no way! How could it not?

Demi: If you guys only knew the trouble that went behind that damn look y’all would be over it. lol.

BleauBook: Wait, no way! How could it not?

Demi: If you guys only knew the trouble that went behind that damn look y’all would be over it. lol.

BleauBook: You said it was your first time at NYFW, how was your experience overall for you?

Demi: Yeah this NYFW was a first for me and it was amazing , I went into it blind and kinda really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I’m shy for one, and a homebody for two so that putting yourself in front of cameras thing was new to me. Especially with walking around with Vega when every outfit was extra *laughs*. The getting out of cars and the instant camera flashing and the “turn this way” and “look here” was new for me to see up close but I must say it was amazing for me to watch  people experience the force that is VEGA.

BleauBook: A force indeed. So what is a Style Board session like between you two? Who are some Fashion inspirations you two agree on?

Demi: Veronica has many fashion inspirations – Sarah Jessica Parker, Carrie Bradshaw

BleauBook: *slight interruption* Because for the record, they are different people *laughs*…

Demi: Exactly. Then there’s Rihanna, Selena, Just so many. I mean honestly I love our sit-downs because we can just throw each other references and be on the same page. Its magical.

BleauBook: Sounds like a perfect match made.

Demi: I can confirm it is.

BleauBook: What’s a Fashion trend you’re looking forward to in the coming seasons?

Demi: Shoulder pads!

BleauBook: No! Really?

Demi: Yes! *chuckles* I mean on the right girl it could be perfection. Not to mention with the right tailoring it could make a waist super skinny!

BleauBook: Okay, agreed. So what can we expect from Demi Dorsey? What do you plan to bring to the Industry?

Demi: What you can expect from me in the future is consistency. I don’t plan on taking any breaks or letting up anytime soon – This is only the beginning for me, this is the thing I always wished of doing and participating in and the fact that my big toe is in the smallest opening of the barely open door is truely a blessing – now watch me blow that door down and walk through.

We are rooting for you Demi! Congratulations on everything again and we’re watching here at The BleauBook!

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