We’re back!

After a years Hiatus, we’ve taken some time to make some things happen. I appreciate all the endless emails, follow-ups, and concerns from our loyal supporters as it’s truly brought us pure joy in getting back into the groove of things. A lot of you remember when we were in the process of curating our second issue, then BOOM – the pandemic hit and pretty much stopped everything for everyone – nonetheless NO CONTENT GOES WASTED! So…. without further or due……

I curated both of these masterpieces a little under two years ago with absolutely NO plans on making them public. Looking back at them initially, I noticed a lot of things that I would’ve done differently and just overall being extremely hard on myself. Not really sitting back looking at the most important aspect of all of it – THE GROWTH. The one thing that stood out the most to me was the growth, and knowing that I’ve excelled in my career tremendously since this issue was initially curated and still seeing quality was just the pat o the back that I needed. I won’t give too much away about either of these masterpieces of editorials, but I put it on sale off the jump because IT’S LITERALLY JUST THAT GOOD!

A humongous thank you to Taylor and Niko for the unfathomable amount of times over the months that I’ve told them I was going to release this issue and never did. A big thank you to my mother who even made me go on my ‘no content wasted mantra’ and pushing this out. Thank you to all of my best friends for finally telling me they’re tired of hearing me say that ‘I need to finish my magazine’ and actually finally doing it!

I truly hope you guys enjoy this one!

Introducing Taylor McGaughey and Niko Mark!

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