The Official Look of the Sean Cliver x Lowtop Nike SB Dunks Is Here



Partnerships between Celebrities and Brands have always been proven to be profitable for all parties involved as the audiences of each always align for the greater good. One of the big box companies really cultivating the essence of collaboration is Nike, as they pull their take on streetwear collaborating with the like of Travis Scott, Virgil Abloh, and even Ben & Jerry.

The Nike SB proved to be a hit canvas for collaborations, most notably with the Ben & Jerry and Grateful dead designs taking off now reselling for almost thousands of dollars each. The SB silhouette has been re-invented as it goes beyond “utility” shoe and straight to the streets with a completely revolutionized style. The latest collaboration to hit the Dunk is with Sean Cliver. Cliver is a graphic artist most notable from skateboarding and initially garnered attention in 2012 for his design of the “Krampus” dunk.

For his second rendition of the Dunk, he takes a colorful play, merging textiles to between suede and leather in a two-tone setting of “Psychic Blue” on the forefront on the toe boxes, midsole, and quarter panels. Metallic accents compliments the shoe in a more subtle dominant way with the Nike swoosh in a subtle Metallic gold. Metallic silver graces the shoe laces and collars flowing into the mid-sole stitching detail of the renowned swoosh. The heels are completed with a guided finish of gold sitting all on top of a glittery sea-foam colored sole. In the interior of the shoe, the footbeds share different co-branded designs on each side. On the right foot there’s the Nike SB logo and Sean Cliver signature, while the right shoe is finished with an animated Christmas elf filled backdrop.

The release date for the shoe is still unknown, yet the nature of the design gives Holiday vibes hinting that maybe the official release could be much sooner than later.


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