How Yvonne Orji Made A Bold Statement With Her Emmy’s Style

Wendell Weithers / Courtesy of @yvonneorji


2020 has proven to be a year of un-doubtful pain, prejudice, and change. A major problem that has been tackled into the forefront in the revolving door of systematic racism against the African-American community in many forms, but most prioritized is police brutality. This year alone, countless black men and women have been senselessly killed, like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, at the hands of those that carelessly wear blue. With the Emmy’s being held yesterday evening Live, but virtually, many celebrities didn’t shy away from using their voices still at home through their choice of Fashion. Yvonne Orji took her detail with a bold cut that symbolized a portion of unity we’ve all experienced this year.

Orji, who’s nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her role in HBO’s Insecure, sported a sleek buzz cut with a black power fist in her delicately stenciled out in the front side of her head. The photo that was published via Instagram was a close-up of her in full glam. Matching her Merlot red dress, Orji wore a light glam with a piercing red lip and a radiant smile. In a pre-show interview, Yvonne made a brief statement on her decision to go short saying, “I did the haircut because we were in quarantine and I was just like, ‘Oh I don’t have time,’” Orji said. The artist of the haircut, Mickey West-Potts, detailed the generational symbol of Black Power, Unity, and Strength while Orji simply added the caption as “NUFF SAID.” 


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