Designer Behind Popular Telfar Bag, Telfar Clemens Announces Upcoming Collaboration With Ugg



Telfar Clemens sent the internet into a frenzy when the Telfar brand designer posted a video to Instagram wearing a unique sparkly T-shirt that emblazoned a crossover logo between his and UGG. The video, which now has almost 70,000 views and thousands of comments, was an official announcement of the two brands collaborating on an upcoming collection.

Clemens is currently at the helm of designing the world as he’s created the latest it-bag revolving around affordable luxury. The award winning tote bag is the pinpoint of the unisex focused brand, it’s almost a perfect marriage between Telfar and UGG as the both have a non-binary focus on creating for both men and women uninhibitedly. “I like the ubiquity,” he says of the Ugg appeal. “I like that they are unisex—and I like that it’s a fashion item that is a Christmas gift for thousands of people. That’s exactly what I’m into.” Clemens isn’t a stranger to mainstream collaboration as he has landed deals with Century 21, White Castle, & moment with GAP which unfortunately fell through earlier this year. “Telfar is exceptional; a true pioneer and visionary and one of the first designers to believe that being unapologetically yourself is sexy. At Ugg, we believe in the same thing, and that fashion can be real, democratic, and aspirational all at the same time. This collection will be the perfect expression of our shared beliefs,” wrote Andrea O’Donnell, the head of fashion and lifestyle at Deckers Brands, whom owns Ugg. 

When you think of Telfar, you automatically feel comfortable with his expressive and inclusive personality which translate through each of his designs. Even upon visiting the brands official Instagram, you automatically feels the recognization of why the brand is currently at the center of pop culture. When you combine the rambunctious luxury of Telfar with the global appeal of UGG you can’t help but get overwhelmed with excitement about the design of the new shoe to come. “That is really a surprise!” Clemens stated. “I think we are really trying to get into the Ugg DNA—all the reasons why people want them and how they make people feel and just go there as us, seeing how that crosses with Telfar.” In early 2014, Telfar did a rendition of the UGG in his runway show. The shoe was re-worked with snap throats with the idea of convenience to adjust the length of the boot to the comfort of the wearer.

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