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Telfar Brand Launches Line of Luxury Durags Line Focused On Accessibility and Culture


Telfar has quickly rose to becoming a staple name with their unique brand centered around attainable luxury at an unique price point with supreme quality. Based on the design of handbags, ranging from small to large style totes, as of lately the brand has expanded its market to include more accessories.

Joining accessories like their logo emblazoned belt, their latest design is of a cultural staple that enhances the appeal and nature of the Black community – The Durag. In a statement, Designer and CEO Telfar Clemens said, “This durag is meant to be a kind of luxury, and our goal, as always, is even more accessibility and ubiquity…We want to be in every braiding spot, barbershop, and bodega in America.” A statement that the brand holds up to especially as of recently when they iniated their “Bag Security Program” created to ensure that every customer can have access to a Telfar bag. The initiative was set forth to combat the ongoing resellers who bombard the website upon release and resale the merchandise at an outrageous mark-up.

The Durags come in multiple color variants in the styles of bandana and a monogram style print that includes their logo. The re-invented durag features an extended body that falls mid-back and ties in multiple ways creating an ultimate versatile style staple. Each piece is double sided with the all-over print, clean hemmed edges, and completed with a woven logo to create the gaudy stamp of name-brand luxury. To add to the appeal of luxury, each unit is special packaged in Telfar branded silver foil and boxed in seamless re-usable materials.

The Telfar Durags are priced at $90 each and available now on Teflar’s website.

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