Michael Jordan’s Custom Chicago Estate Hits The Market For $14.9M


If you’re in the market soon for some luxury real estate, Michael Jordan has listed his custom Chicago home, and with a lowered price too. Initially when Jordan put the home on the market, it was listed for $29m in 2012, and it’s now listed at $14.9m.

The lower in listing price comes behind the increase of interest fresh off the release of his documentary The Last Dance, which showed his life from throughout the entire time of his remarkable career. The house is, which is located in Highland’s Park, Illinois, is a convenient location in the city measuring at 56,000 sqft sitting on 7 acres of immaculate land. Back then it was prime to his day-to-day activities with him ultimately choosing the property for the ease of access to his practice facilities and freeways. The home is tailored especially for Jordan beginning at the entrance which holds a large “23” at the gates.

The home comes fully furnished, assuming all touched by Jordan himself, including amenities like a circular infinity pool, a fish pond, endless landscaping,  a basketball gym, cigar room, game room, and much more. On the interior the home it holds nine bedrooms, 14 half-baths, and 15 full bathrooms.

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