Kim Kardashian Wests’ At Home Quarantine Style Is Still Outside Worthy


Work uniforms have been momentarily altered due to the COVID-19 pandemic and created a new normal for just about everyone. Practicing social distancing can be a challenge for some especially when dressing is the profession.

Lately it’s may have seemed that it’s no reason to get all dressed up and put on the flashy fashions or the tailored suits, but that’s not the case for Kim Kardashian West. The Reality Star and Beauty Mogul posed today for Instagram in a sultry two-piece set while everyone else for the most part is tucked in sweats and our high school sneakers from the bottom of the closet. The salmon colored skirt piece accentuated Kardashian Wests famous figure hugging her curves delicately with a peak cut-out around the bust and lower hip area. Pictured around the halls of her aesthetically pleasing home, Kim poses in her signature shoe. Lately she’s always wore the trending clear, PVC style heel. She complimented the set with a grand pair of color coordinated earrings with a hint of emerald.

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