Here’s A Detailed View Of The NIGO x Virgil Abloh LV² Collection Drop 1


Louis Vuitton has been one of the leading innovators in menswear’s of late. Under the direction of Virgil Abloh the brand has been able to captivate a generous amount of attention through their multiple campaigns, creative rollouts, and intuitive designs. For Abloh’s latest venture, he’s bringing his first collaboration to the house.

After consistent back and forth, Virgil inited NIGO to create a capsule collection under the reputive brand. The duo is a fusion of the two’s creative sensibilities while remaining on brand for the house keeping fashion creativity at full range. Starting with the logo, the two created a distinctive re-creation of the classic LV which is of a strong classic font where the two initials interlock. Virgil and NIGO tweeked the LV² into a strong affective cursive still interlocking. The logo can be seen blazed over multiple pieces including a grey sweatshirt and on the back of a chic white woven in full. The collection continues including an array of items including trousers, jackets, and shirts filled with LV’s signature Monogram and Damier check pattern. Two of the most standout pieces are the dual colored denim sets. Covered in the full monogram print, the denim set comes in two color variations including al light blue wash and faded grey. The set reflects a patchwork style using cut-outs and embroidery.

The collaboration includes a couple of familiar bag styles with a sort of facelift. Stamping the duffle bag is the identifiable paint drip rep that is throughout the garment pieces. Creating the patchwork flare. Each bag has a base of the Damier LV print with a patchwork overlay of the monogram print. Attached to each piece on the handles of each bag is a collectors item, a coin pouch dubbed the “LV Made” Duck. The collection continues into derby and moccasin style shoes.

The NIGO x Virgil Abloh LV² collection Drop 1 release is set to release worldwide on June 26 at Louis Vuitton locations.

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