UNIQLO Previews Upcoming UT Collab With Billie Eilish and Takashi Murakami



Billie Eilish has completely took the entertainment industry by sound with her beautifully haunting lyrics and soothing tone. She’s now collaborating with an old time partner to create a memorable T-shirt to displays two creatives.

For the second time, Billie Eilish is connecting with Takashi Murakami, but this time on collaborative project for UNIQLO UT. The two had initially worked together on Eilish’s music video for “you should see me in a crown” which was directed by Murakami. The collaboration was released via UNIQLO’s InstaGram account with an artistical aesthetically pleasing video. The video shows a virtual style statue of Eilish standing straight up in white, with the cameras views panning around a simple white room. In the brief video, there’s a close up of the graphic revealing the statue of Eilish wearing a simple T-shirt with the staple Murakami signature colorful flower pattern artwork against the artist full name “Billie Eilish.”

No further details have been released regarding the collaboration, but the T-shirt shows is expected to be the opening piece of the capsule collection.

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