Anthony Bourdains ‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’ Series Is Coming to Netflix


When it comes to cuisine Anthony Bourdain was a true connoisseur in the area. The late food genius was known for his no-bars-held in-depth analysis of food in various corners across the globe.

Known notoriously for doing so on his show, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, the Chef documented his various experience with many different cultures around the globe and diving into their foods and rituals. Today, streaming giant Netflix announced that the Emm Award-winning show will be available to watch on the network this coming June. The show ran for a complete 12 seasons, totaling 104 episodes, which every season will be available at the top of the month. During each episode Bourdain throughly explored regions and the cultures of it by way of the most popular food spots, local dives, and fine dining giving his raw and honest experience. In each city he’d speak with many different key players in the process of getting the food to the table from the Executive Chefs to the fishermen. The show was presented by CNN and went on to win 12 Primetime Emmy Awards, including a Peabody recognition.

Anthony Bourdain’s legacy show will be available on Netflix June 1.

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