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Kidult Vandalizes Balenciaga’s Paris Flagship Location



High Fashion bares a massive amount of ups and downs. In an ever changing industry, its becomes a competitive competition to win over as many of the generations consumers as possible, yet not always everyone will accept, or appreciate, what these big box brands have to offer.

French Graffiti artist Kidult is one who could careless. Kidult has grown increasingly popular for his signature knack of “re-structuring” luxury brands in a graffiti street art paint-job and posting them to social media. The latest canvas for the artist is Balenciaga. Kidult tagged the brands Paris Flagship store with an all-over tag across the forefront that read “Merry Crisis.” The phrase captures a play on the national phrase “Merry Christmas.” Posting his new “work of art” to his instagram, he captioned the photo “More lucidity and humanity. Less hypocrisy and ignorance.”

Back in 2013, he vandalize Marc Jacobs storefront in SoHo, which was featured in A$AP ROCKY‘s visuals for song “Fashion Killa.” Continuing his spread of sort of “awareness” he tagged the storefront of a variety of different designers which he’d use the tags “ART” and “$686.” The brand responded by selling a T-shirt baring the photograph of the vandalized storefront for $700. Kidult doesn’t respond well to the sort of exposure, or reaction, regarding his work which leads this sort of “retaliation” to Balenciaga in response to them using Kidult’s style of street art on a handbag.


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