Dr. Dre Is Forbes’ Top-Earning Musician Of the 2010’s


Music has undoubtedly took a pivoting shift when it comes to appeal and direction. As generations evolve, the entertainers develop and as does their audiences. Nonetheless, they all can respect a the classics and those that engineered the paths to walk forward. As far as the greats, Dr. Dre is aligned along the blueprint and has been acknowledged so as Forbes’ list the mega-entertainer as their Top Earning Musician of the Decade. According to the list, Forbes’ reports the Compton mogul earned a staggering $950 million in the last 10 years.

Dr. Dre is known as an artist of the Legendary group, N.W.A., whom is also an entrepreneur and producer. A headlining piece of his earnings came from the 2014 sell of his electronic headphones company Beats By Dre headphones. The sell massed a total of $3 billion to mega-Technology company Apple. He retained 20% stake in Beats by Dre post sell and took to his IG Live to self-claim his throne as “hip hop’s first billionaire.” Dre also earned income after coming from a limelight music hiatus and released an album, Compton, exclusively to Apple Music in 2015.

Following Dr. Dre, is Taylor Swift in 2nd who earned a decade total of $825 million, next is the Queen Beyoncé earning a decade total of $685 million, followed by U2 earning a decade total of $675 million, and rounding out the top five with Diddy earning  $605 million. According to Forbes, their calculations go as following: 

Forbes measures the industry’s top-earning musicians annually for the Celebrity 100 by looking at touring data from Pollstar, music consumption numbers from Nielsen and interviews with managers, agents and many of the stars themselves. The list doesn’t include behind-the-scenes earners such as agents, managers and promoters, nor does it deduct living expenses or taxes.

Our ranking doesn’t extend beyond the grave; if postmortem earnings were counted, Michael Jackson would be No. 1. His staggering $2.37 billion total for the decade by our count is higher than his estate’s recently filed estimate of $1.7 billion because we counted reinvested royalties from his half of the Sony/ATV publishing catalog (his estate sold the asset for $750 million in 2016). He easily tops his living peers by either measure.

Congratulations to the Hip Hop icon, and all other artist whom put in endless time, efforts, and creativity for all to enjoy! Cheers to another successful ten years to come.


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