‘Forbes’ Releases List Of World’s Top-Earning Musicians of 2019


Each year, Entertainers across the board put in intense work to ensure that they continue to further their legacies and catalog. Annually, Forbes curates their list of the world’s top-earning musicians. The list includes everyone applicable from hip hop to Rock n Roll.

Each of the earners in this years Top 10 earned over a $1 billion dollars overall. This year at number 1, is pop-star Taylor Swift. Swift earned a tall $185 million dollars. She signed a new record deal fresh off of a massive global tour. Walking in at Number 2 is Kanye West earning $150 million, who received major accolades after releasing his latest project, a Gospel infused album, and the popularity of adidas collaborative shoe brand YEEZY. Ed Sheeran rounds out the Top 5 coming in at Number 4 and 5 earning $110 million and $100 million. Elton John comes in at Number 6 collecting $84 million surrounding his farewell tour. JAY-Z and Beyoncé tie in at Number 6 earning $81 million each. New comer to the top 10 list is Drake, at Number 8 with $75 million. Diddy comes in at Number 9 with $70 million, with Metallica closing out the Top 10 with $68.5 million.

The full List of Artist and their earnings are available on Forbes.

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