Rihanna Brings Culture And Style To The Fashion Awards Red Carpet


Rihanna is queen of risk taking, while at the same time, being herself. Yesterday evening at the 2019 Fashion Awards the Barbadian Beauty and Multi-entrepreneur hit the Red Carpet in a beauty trend that keeps on giving.She wore a style of braids called Fulani Braids, which she has strategically designed to highlight her sideburn each of her sideburns and going symmetrically to the back.

The braids were parted to sit front atop her shoulders delicately complimenting her perfectly laid baby hairs. To add to the millennial princess vibe she was curating, she kept her make-up subtle and energetic. Wearing her own Fenty Beauty, she went with fluorescent pink that blended down into a powdered white that flutter perfectly in sync. The look continued with the dashing mint-green monochromatic look. The outfit was detailed with a mini strapless satin dress complete with a bustier style tie-up in the back. The magic continued as the back revealed that it was attached to her shawl by a diamond choker the beamed from the front while the shawl met gracefully over her sheer elbow gloves. Completing the ultra-flirty moment, Rihanas closed the look with a a pair of her own lines Date Night heels in a cool satin mint.

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