Dubai Police Will Be Serving And Protecting In Latest Tesla


Dubai has always been a place of extravagance and possessing some of the most beautiful landscaping and architecture in the world. Down to their patrol cars, they’ve always had a prevalent presentation. Now that they’re a new patrol beast to roam, Dubai is also adding the Tesla Cybertruck to their roster.

Taking to the official Dubai police Department Twitter account, the force tweeted a design of the Tesla Cybertruck to morrow that of a Dubai Squad car. The tweet, which Elon Musk liked himself, show the silver truck a tad differently than the original silver model. The mega-machine appears white throughout with green detailing similar to law enforcement branding in other United Arab Emirates cities. The photo was accompanied by a tweet that read “2020” which leaves a lot of speculation as Elon Musk already detailed that production of the Cybertruck won’t begin production until 2021.

Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri spoke with Arabian Business on an article that detailed the use of the new vehicles, citing that the trucks will be head of patrolling high tourist areas throughout the city.



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