Kanye West Purchases A Second Piece of Wyoming Real Estate for $14 Million


In his furthering efforts to become one of the “biggest real-estate developers of all time” Kanye West has purchased his second piece of property along his new found admiration for Wyoming.

In an interview in May of 2018 with Charlamagne tha God, West highlighted his ideas on developing properties and building communities. “I’m going to build five properties, so it’s my first community, I’m getting into development…It’s just the next frontier for me, to develop,” West shared. “We’re standing on my first property. So I’m going to be one of the biggest real-estate developers of all time—what Howard Hughes was to aircrafts and what Henry Ford was to cars. Just the relationships I have with architects, my understanding of space and sacred proportions, just this new vibe, this new energy…We gonna develop cities.”

The new property, located just outside of Cody, Wyoming, is called Bighorn Mountain Ranch. The ranch sits on an astounding 6,713-acres surrounded by some of the most naturally beautiful landscaping. The ranch that was established in 1906 has seen decades of change and standing legacies. The property comes with a fresh water creek, a scenic view of the surrounding mountains and an unparalleled viewing of the sunrise and sunset. Owners pre-West had modernizing renovations done to the land which upgraded the lot with log cabins, two heated helicopter pads, and multiple lodges stacked with walk-in saunas.

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