How J. Mulan Empowers Women Through Delicate Spirits and Enterprising Conversation



The importance of the woman is often a conversation that can sometimes be overshadowed by the very characteristics that make them so perfect, and now the conversation has shifted with the boss ladies at the forefront of the change. J Mulan, who was also one of our debut issue Cover-stars, is a leading Culture Innovator and Lifestyle Architect who’s enhancing the conversation amongst, and about, women across the globe one imprint at a time.

IMG_9518 copy.jpg

With her International event, Women’s Power Hour, she’s been able to influence and elevate women of all backgrounds to achieve the belief and instill that extra push of courage and support into the required devotion of getting one step closer to their dreams. At her Houston Hour Pt. II, powered by The J. Mulan Agency and Martell USA, she took the extra time to make the event memorable in ways of Philanthropy, Strategizing, and most importantly – Motivation.

The event consisted of 19 different panelists of strong women infused with topics over Health, Financial Liberation, Lifestyle Curation, & Entrepreneurial Development. At arrival of the aesthetically pleasing Downtown Houston location, the women were greeted with sticky notes to inscribe an empowering phrase about themselves over a clear golden power board with the simple reading “I am..” After setting the tone for the evening with powerful words of the tongue, the guest were greeted with light hors d’oeuvres and Martell infused bites and cocktails to exalt the energy throughout the room. Each panel was moderated by vigorous with a full appetite to divulge knowledge with women eager to share their many gems of success and ways to get over those not so empowering times.


Collaborating with conglomerate Entrepreneur and Author, Twiler Portis, the two boss babes were able to assist in furthering the fruits of labor for 3 women of the evening with Business Grants in the relief of any overhead cost for the ladies and their businesses. Closing the evening with a grand speech, the women celebrated #TheMartellWay over new relationships and prosperous endeavors concluding the fourth quarter of the year with indestructible preparation for prosperity going into the new. J. Mulan has managed too curate a safe haven for women to relate, network, and create more passion and inspiration, truly keeping the future female.

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