Tyler, The Creator Releases IGOR Inspired Halloween Costumes


When Tyler, The Creator dropped his highly anticipated album earlier this year, he debuted so in a very unique way. The album, IGOR, came with a very signature look through the visual of the entire creative project. The look transcend through the various visuals and live performance from Tyler and become a sensation with fans. Whats the look? A platinum blonde colored wig accompanied by a variety of bright color two-piece suits. With Halloween around the corner, Tyler, The Creator has released a line of costumes if you want to experience a bit of the fun he had.

The costumes come under the Creative Entertainer’s clothing company, Golf Wang, allowing you to re-create the exact look for the day of dress-up. The costumes are finished with three different colored suits: Neon Green, color block two-tone red, and light blue and will also include the classic blonde blunt cunt wig. The suits are fully lined and in a cotton-spandex material for comfort, and possible performance. Unfortunately the black glasses will not be included and must be purchased separately.

The IGOR costumes will launch officially on golfwang.com at 3 p.m. today.

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