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New Updates On Kanye West’s New Album And Plans for New “Sunday Service”


Ahead of the release of his highly anticipated album, Jesus Is King, Kanye West sat down with Beats 1 host Zane Lowe about the grand release along the lines of his newly discovered purpose and the creative journey he’s on. The conversations covers the topics including his newfound connection to Christianity, the high energy BTS that created Jesus Is King, and much more. Included as well West decided to share his renovated plans for a new “Sunday Service” project which is titled Jesus Is Born and set to debut on Christmas Day 2019.

The sit-down conversation began with what inspired the album and Kanye’s new devotion to Christ. A major topic that people wanted in-depth on was the conflict with Drake. “Me and Drake had the disagreement and he refused to talk to me for six months. That was so painful,” Kanye states to Lowe. “LVMH Sees Substantial Revenue Growth With Recent Success of Louis Vuitton & DiorYou cannot be in service to God and be mad at your brother next door … I go to Drake’s house with no security and just leave my phone number.” He continued on the subject stating, “God is funny. Drake lives four blocks down the street from me. So that shows you that God has a sense of humor. Now, liberals love art, right?” Kanye goes on to proclaim on him being “the greatest human of all time,” “And now—I am unquestionably, undoubtedly, the greatest human artist of all time. It’s not even a question at this point. It’s just a fact. For the greatest artist in human existence to put a red hat on was God’s practical joke to all liberals. Like, nooo, not Kanye!”

Kanye also touched on the topic of his relationship and admiration with LVMH chief Bernard Arnault stating how Arnault was able to shift the mass view of Louis Vuitton into an extreme Luxury Powerhouse, ultimately stating the billionaire as the second man he looks up to next to his father. He continued to admit a personal vendetta he had upon the appointment of Virgil Abloh to lead the Mens Sector of the brand. “It was supposed to be me. I was the Louis Vuitton Don.” Continuing to exclaim that a deal he initially had with LVMH fell through because of his calling to not “work” for Arnault, but to work for God in which he proceeded to create his “Sunday Service.”

In the snippet above, you can see a brief capture of the conversation between Lowe and West. West’s Jesus Is King album is set to release on October 25th at Midnight.

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