Kylie Jenners End Of Season Ponytail Is A Classic Supermodel Go To



When you’re a young billionaire you have no choice but to look just as good as the title, an area boss babe Kylie Jenner has no problem delivering in. When not dropping a hot new cosmetic collection, she’s on the Red Carpet supporting her mans monstrous network streaming film. Last night Jenner stepped out to support her ‘hubby’ in the launching of his Netflix documentary, ‘Look Mom I Can Fly’ goes in depth of the Entertainers life juggling worldwide stardom, being a new dad, and having one of the most popular women by his side.

Speaking of, Jenner was a angelic sight as she flaunted a vintage hairstyle that was a Supermodel’s favorite in the early days. Hollywood vintage is referenced fairly frequently as its history circles around regaining popularity with many celebrities alike. Kylie sported a classic style sleek, high ponytail. At the base the pony was held by a hair style band that flowed down into an inward bump polished to perfection without a strand blowing. The complete the old glamour look, the Cosmetic queen bared a side part that comb over behind the ear and into the voluminous updo. Which supermodel hinted the inso, Kylie posted a quick video to her Instagram story with the caption “@bellahadid with the hair inspo,” as she zoomed in on the details of the nights glam.

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  1. […] Kylie Jenner knows how to run a beauty campaign. Her cosmetics brand, Kylie Cosmetics, has been on a strong run since she crowned on a track to be a Billionaire because of the self-made entrepreneurs brand. For her recent extravaganza, she’s collaborated with Balmain and their Creative Director Olivier Rousteing on a full collection of that hit the runway for the Brands SS2020 Show. […]


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