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Lil’ Kim Re-Creates One Of Her Many Iconic Photos Amidst New Project

InstaGram Reproduction

It’s no secret Lil’ Kim has set very many trends in the industry, back then and even now. One of her most noted is her Blue shoulder length wig bluntly cut with a straight across bang, with a stencil of the Chanel logo. Kim’s hair was always the icing on the cake when it came to her looks on top of the treat the Fashion was already giving. The Rapper sent the internet into a chatter when she posted a photo from a shoot with photographer Michael Antonio.

Being iconic is one thing, but being iconic enough to update your iconic-ness is a completely different level. Kim recreated the blue wig phenomenon with an updated twist. Posing tastefully topless, she draped herself in black and gold accessories from the High Fashion couture house. The black and gold bangles stacked seamlessly over the gold chain linked bracelets that went just above her forearm. She adding to the accessorizing with a plethora of stacked chain necklaces emblazoned with the signature logo engraved in medallion pendants that draped from the ends and rings to match. The real fun came where she always delivers, the hair. Kim wore an ombre gray wig with a blunt cut bang draping over her eyes, flowing down into a unique cut where the ends met another perfectly placed Chanel accessory – on each side of the wig there were dyed Chanel logos in black.

The photoshoot is said to be for her forthcoming Album cover, titled “9” which is also the caption accompanying the Instagram photo debut. A friendly reminder to let it be known that she’s still got IT, and clearly it’s never left.

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