A$AP Rocky Has Been Released From Sweden Authorities and Returning Back To The U.S.





It’s been an unfortunate troubling past few weeks for A$AP Rocky as he was fighting what could be one of the toughest struggles for him to date. While in Stockholm, Sweden, Rocky was accused of assaulting a 19 year old citizen, Mustafa Jafari, in June. Jafari was following and harassing the rapper and his team while they were unproblematically touring the city. Although the Rocky pleaded self defense, Sweden officials stood on him remaining in custody on a verdict was reached on the case, stating that the rapper had no “justification or reasoning” for attacking Jafari. The arrest of the A$AP prompted a mass response on Social Media across the globe with demands of releasing him as he was only protecting himself and close colleagues. Friends ranging from Jada Pinkett Smith, to Justin Bieber, and even President Donald Trump weighed in on the unfortunate situation.

Yesterday the rapper took the stand to plead his grounds in the case stating “We didn’t want to provoke these guys. We just wanted to get away from them. Next thing I know, my security guard was lifting one of them,” Rocky said. A Swedish judge took an ear to the situation and ruled that A$AP Rocky could be freed while the rapper awaits the verdict of his trial. A$AP, along with his two codefendants Bladimir Corniel and David Rispers, were released from the Sweden authorities jail. The verdict of the trial is expected to be submitted within the next two weeks.

Pictured above, Rocky lands back on U.S. soil, and of course in Flacko fashion, with a full smile of happiness. Wearing a Black Suit and white button down under it adding his A$AP signature scarf wrapped around his head, his appreciation and excitement is beaming through. The rapper states that he’s never going back to Sweden, and stands on the decision that race had nothing to do with the elevation of his case. Rocky does not have to appear in court for the verdict as it will be a written decision.

Welcome Home Pretty Flacko!

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