Kerby Jean-Raymond Appointed As Reeboks Artistic Director


When you think of Kerby Jean-Raymond, you can’t help but to dream a version of your most prestigious self. Mr. Raymond has a sort of innovative vision that rides, rather than pushes, that boundary of showcasing another level of excitement. Like the matching statement suits for the 2019 MET Gala he wore with Lena Waithe that read ‘Black Drag Queens Invented Camp’ and his that read ‘Fix Your Credit, Pool Money, Buy Back The Block’ quotes to control the agenda on culture in a positive manner while still reminding people where the ‘culture’ originated.  With his Fashion Brand, Pyer Moss, Kerby has been able to shine a tailored spotlight on the intricacies of redefined innovation and style.

Constantly being recognized for that innovation, Jean-Raymond went into a partnership with Reebok in 2017 on a collection designed by him which has ultimately does both brands well success. Today news was released that Kerby will serve as the Artistic Director of Reebok Studies__. The expansion is a new division of Reebok that will cater to underground creatives helping them to gain acknowledgment for their talents and ideas. Jean-Raymond explains that the Reebok Studies___ is to “uncover the human nature of things and show the importance of people’s lives and stories,” said Jean-Raymond to HYPEBEAST. “For example, if we brought in another designer or athlete, then the idea would be that Reebok studies ‘X’ personality and do a deep-dive and focus on that person,” he added.

Passionate about opening the door for others to walk in, the Pyer Moss designer stands atop of showcasing the beauty of Black culture. In his latest campaign for the brand he focuses on the Black love story and the cultivation of magnetic positivity it produces, a fact that is sure to be tailed in his latest venture with Reebok. For Reebok Studies___, he will be bringing in fresh different talents to assist in pushing the movement forward. “He’s proven over and over again his ability to envision the future and how it can impact people in the planet. That to me is his superpower. He has this unique superpower in design that’s in perfect alignment to who we are as a brand,” said Reebok’s VP of creative direction, Karen Reuther in a press release. The first Reebok Studies__ release is slated for 2020.

With a successful luxury brand, multiple collaborations, an extended partnership collection, and a new division – the Kerby Jean-Raymond reign isn’t letting up anytime soon.

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  1. […] Kerby Jean-Raymond, the visionary genius behind Pyer Moss, has always stood tall on the principles of speaking the truth, and speaking it very black-ly. Across the boroughs of New York, the young black man took his presentation to the roots of which he calls home in a historic theatre with a grand the-opening after months of renovations. Away from stereotypical Fashion Week ‘norms’ and the uptight air of the city is The Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, the raw edge of the city that possesses character that is are through DNA. On the evening the Collection 3 presentation, shades of all blacks and brown stood patiently and calmly outside in hopes of seeing the then unknowingly magnificence that was to be presented under the cultured roof. Over his past three collection, Jean-Raymond takes us on a journey of ptimsi discovering the generals of American pop culture through the lens of the curators, the African American. Back in February of 2018, he led with the cowboy; following that last September was family time via the backyard barbecue; and this season, it was the true essence of rock ’n’ roll. […]


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