A Detailed Look At The Nike x ‘Stanger Things’ Collab


It’s no secret everyone is on extreme edge waiting for the premier of Stranger Things next month, but luckily we have a little something physical to keep us tied over. Nike hinted at a collaboration between the TV show last month and with a curious tweet, and today the brand released the full roll-out. The collaboration compose of 3 popular classic silhouettes including the Blazer, Cortez, and Tailwind. The project blends perfectly with the 3 chosen silhouettes as both of them are set within the vintage vibes of the ’80s and this season specifically in the setting 1985.

Noticeably, the theme of the show took over the entire collaboration as the color ways heavily reflect the green and orange color scheme of Hawkins High School. Although each shoe has it’s own unique tailoring, all have the Hawkins High school’s tiger emblem embalmed on them. The tailwind is a bit more distinctive as the top of the shoe is the fluorescent green accompanied with the classic swoosh in orange. The Cortez and Blazer focus more on the simpler detailing on the upper of the shoe.

Nike is going to release the project in a two-part drop. The first drop is to release in June 27th via the Nike web store that will include a capsule of 1980s gym class style pieces. Following this a second release, which is called the “OG Pack,” which is going to include the same silhouettes wrapped in red, white and blue colorways arriving on July 1.

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