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Beyoncé Embodies A Lioness At This Years Wearable Art GALA


Anything Beyoncé gifts is flawless executed, and yet again, a moment has been served. As everyone is impatiently waiting to hear the serene voice of The Queen in the live-action version of The Lion King, yesterday she gave an adrenaline riveting pre-performance without saying a word. Yesterday evening was the annual ‘Wearable Art Gala’ presented by Tina Knowles-Lawson and the classic Disney movie was the theme of the event. The pleasure in such a satisfying theme really gives all in attendance a chance to explore and transform such magical elegance into literal wearable art.

The venue was held in Santa Monica, all attendees arrived in voluminous tulle, crafted tailoring, and dazzling catsuits – all in full character of the evening. Yet it was Queen Bey who truly rang the circle of life bell. Arriving in spirit of a Lioness, the international songstress wore a Georges Hobeika gold catsuit, layered with sequins, bling, and a full sized lion head. The Lion decor was complimented with a feathered mane perfectly engineered to embody the blazon power of the Ruler of the Jungle. Completed with an ample layered cape train the and grand triple-strapped sandal pump. With a full press-tour ahead of the big release, excitement is cutting edge with looks like this to look forward to.

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