Serena Williams Wears Custom Nike By Virgil Abloh For French Open




Serena Williams is a woman of superlative strength and perseverance, especially when it comes to her career and craft. The French Open is happening right now and the Tennis Star is making her fashion sense to the courts in none other than customer Virgil Abloh. The two have created more than a industry relationship as they’ve shared many glorious moments, like the custom Nike Air Forces at the MET gala. The pair is back with another moment on a grand scale.

Last week Abloh took to Instagram to show a custom pair of highlighter blue Air Force Ones with ‘For Serena Only’ written across the mid-sole in a fresh white marker. Yet it’s not those masterpieces that Williams wore rocking the tennis court. She wore a number that did more than buzz headlines and catch eyes. She graced the court in a black and gray three-piece ensemble including a shaw style cover-up, a skirt, and halter top to match. As graceful the set was, it was the words of meaning spilled across the garments that fueled the winning queen. Mother, champion, queen and goddess were printed amongst the striking patterns. All words of definition for the winning star, she reigned victorious over Russia’s Vitalia Diatchenko from first-round.

The excitement is at an all-time high ahead of her next match against Dalila Jakupovic-Kurumi Nara.

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