The Definition Behind Lupita Nyong’o MET Gala Beauty


Join us as we celebrate the first issue of our Editorial Magazine – which is available for download now by clicking HERE!00-story-lupita

The Red Carpet of events is always a moment for Talent of all walks to share there current views on what’s important to them and using their platform to orchestrate a meaningful deliverance of the message. Lupita Nyong’o is one of those celebrities that delivers effortlessly time and time again to create a moment Fashion excellence whilst bringing awareness to topics worth admiring. Tonight on the MET Gala Red Carpet she took a moment to highlight color and authenticity in accepting beauty as you were blessed with it as is.

For tonight’s theme, Lupita took Camp on a journey of the natural extremes and owning them. Inspired by Lauren Kelley’s self-portrait “Pickin’” (2007) in which the Artist wore a crown of hair picks Nyong’o and her hairstylist created a similar look. Hairstylist Vernon Francois designed the ceiling scraping Afro-Bouffant explaining “Our goal was to demonstrate the power, malleability, and luxuriousness of natural hair texture,” which he accessorized with classic Black Power Fist fro pick, but hand-spray painted Gold. Standing tall and proud, Lupita embodies a statue of hope, prominence, and prestigious Black excellence!

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