Serena Williams Set A New Rule For The MET Pink Carpet


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When it comes to The MET Gala setting a new trend is almost always precedent and Serena took it there for tonights event. Hitting the Carpet in a sculptural Butterfly effect gown by Atelier Versace was only a mere distraction from the real treat of the look. Up under the elegant medium length train was a pair of Neon-Green Nike x Off-White Air Force One sneakers with the “AIR” quoted on the sole of the shoe.

The Pro-Tennis champ didn’t stray far away from her roots while sticking on theme combining the super couture with the extreme casual. A muse for Versace, for her last moment at the MET she attended in 2017. Williams serves as a co-chair at tonights event along with Harry Styles and Lady Gaga. The perfect pairing just shows how easy to bride the street-style to the Red Carpet.

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