Virgil Abloh Wears Louis Vuitton & Off-White To Coachella


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It’s festival season and one of the grandest that instagrammers alike look forward to is hear, Coachella. Virgil Abloh is a man of many talents, and DJ’ing is one of those things that may seem recreational for the American Luxury designer – but damn sure isn’t. The Fashion looks range from the latest designer cross body to bleached distressed shorts, and in this case, expensive tie-dye tees and sneakers.

DJ Abloh was in full festival gear, each of which he designed (maybe even down to the socks.) In an Instagram post captioned “-3 hours. livestream everywhere.” Tagging each of the brands he works for detailing his high fashion festival attire. The perfectly structured Tie-Dye shirt come from the Men’s Louis Vuitton ready-to-wear collection. Pairing the shirt with a solid pair of black shorts, patching socks, he wore a pair of low-top green arrow sneakers. The black and purple sneaker is finished in Sueded with a neon green arrow to compliment the colorful hues of the Tee. Judging by the look of focus on Abloh’s face and the sick look, the set for the festivals opening weekend was definitely one to remember.

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