The Tresses Behind Solange’s Artistic Melody ‘When I Get Home’


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Solange Knowles isn’t your average singer – she’s a Houston girl and we proudly do things differently in which she exudes in her latest project. Knowles released her artistic album ‘When I Get Home’ and the internet swooned over the looks, dialect, and most importantly – the melodies. Shortly after she gave everyone time to learn the lyrics to new notes of History, she released a charismatic short film, a complete ode to her hometown – Houston, TX.

The film is set in the middle of no-where (no, Houston doesn’t look much like that) in which she was given a blank canvas to create somewhere. Crystal stranded bikinis with matching arm bracelets, monochromatic bandeau sets, and snake skin boots. Yet one scene in particular delivered a magical twist on a beauty whimsical done right. Statuesque front a perfectly positioned clay gray sheet amongst a matching room, a train of tresses beyond her ankles. Wearing nothing but white gloves and the matching block heel boots to match, her statement above the neck was far less casual. Houston hair-engineer Jawara says the 40-inch unit came as photos of Solo’s version of hair to the floor. Jawara says in a statement, “Solange started sending me pictures of references that she had been thinking about, as well as drawings that she wanted to do,” he explained “She always wants to play up the idea of hair, so she wanted something dramatic. She said, ‘Let’s go extremely long and make it more artistic as opposed to just beautiful hair.’”

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