Kim Kardashian’s Miami Style To Match Her New Condo

photo by Backgrid


I mean if you got it, don’t just flaunt it – match it. Kimmie hit the streets today in Miami already setting the trend for the Spring. She graced a subtle light blue tie-dye sleeveless maxi. With one of the the most famous Figure 8’s to date, the pastel blue dress made a moment for the classic granite sidewalks and perfectly sun-kissing rays that only Miami skies can produce.

Keeping it tasteful with a killer thigh slit she lightly accessorized the dress with a medium sized crystal clutch. Monotone isn’t one of the easier looks to pull off and as a professional and avid lover of a monochromatic look, Kardashian paired the aesthetically pleasing dress with a darker shade of blue cord Giuseppe Zanotti wrap-tied heels.

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