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Beyoncé Shows Yet Again The Power Of Fashion And Legacy At The Global Citizens Festival

photos by Getty Images



For years the Global Citizens festival is a place of rejoice for beautiful walks of life all over the the world to celebrate and come together to support a magnificent cause. With celebration comes divine sounds and who else to curate the soul of love and hope than Beyonce and Jigga! The goal and purpose of this years Festival is to commemorate the late Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday, end poverty and hunger, increase AIDS awareness and access to education and clean water, and raise money and concern for deeply impoverished areas of Africa. The duo, who is also fresh off of a headlining couture world tour, gave a goosebump activating performance for humanity yesterday night. At such a sensitive and pivotal moment in culture, Bey used her platform in a manner unexpectedly expected and paid homage to one of the most serene leaders of peace our time has had, Nelson Mandela. With only a 25 minute live-stream – the couple gave a lifetime in history and appreciation.

Opening, Bey again collaborated with Olivier Rousteing on an all-over hieroglyph pattern body suit and dramatic feather-flanked sleeves exuding hues of an illuminating Egyptian Goddess. Taking a stroll to South Africa Bey tapped to designer Esteban Cortazar. Taking the beauty of the cultures long hemmed tradition, Cortazar translated the beading techniques onto a sleeveless minidress with an exaggerated backplate. Bringing color and vibrance with Versace whom this season brought back the groundbreaking safety pin dress worn by Elizabeth Hurley’s for the 1994 premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral, which wasn’t hard to miss down the Pre-Fall New York Show.

In complete essence and Grace, Beyonce collaborated with one if the country’s home designers, Quiteria & George for mind-mesmerizing emerald green, crystal-embroidered with an endless train. Yet one of the mot memorable of the night was that of Ashi Studio, who also designed a groundbreaking angelic moment for Cardi B, combed together a sculptural Fuchsia gown to exhale the flow of light and grace as she serenaded the Crowd with “Halo.” All styled by Zerina Akers, in which they clearly have a beautiful understanding on making a moment in Fashion, Beyoncé and her hubby definitely showcased more than a unification of Global Citizens with a well planned, delivered, and appreciated nod.


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