Wu-Tang Clan Collabs With Milk Makeup For A Wu-Warrior Lippie & Teyana Taylor Plays The Perfect Ninja


Teyana Taylor is one of those beauties where you don’t know whether to be upset because she makes you want to completely trow up every carb you just had, or the fact that there’s almost nothing the young entertainer can’t do. In her latest venture, she’s been tapped to play the Samurai/Ninja Warrior for the latest collaboration with MiLK Make-Up.

The Fashion Make-Up brand teamed up with Wu-Tang Clan in design of a collection of ‘Wu-Warrior’ lipsticks in an assortment of colors to last for each season to come.


With all there powerhouses original products of New York City, the tri-collab is indeed spot on and full of soul and element. An ode to Wu-Tang’s decades-long fascination with Shaolin kung fu, a self-defense style of Chinese martial arts, the line is courageous, striking, and extremely bold. The case of each lipstick in itself is enticing enough to purchase just for the accessorizing. Each gold-plated bullets come custom-sculpted with a dragon grasping in a winding whirl of Black and Gold. Beyond the beauty on the outside, the inside matches the authenticity as well. Like the rest of Milk’s products, the lipsticks are completely vegan – including a shimmering rosy Sacred, pale orange Fire, and fall brown Cypher which are each named after the eight earthly elements of the I Ching, an ancient Chinese book of wisdom.


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