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The MET Gala 2019 Theme Has Been Revealed!

photo by Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times

Trailing such a raving success in smashing Box Office hit “A Star Is Born”, Lady Gaga, Harry Styles, & Serena Williams will co-chair the 2019 MET Gala.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art has announced the theme of Fashions Biggest Night as “Camp: Notes on Fashion.” The theme comes as inspiration from Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay “Notes on Camp” – which is a note of 58 different definitions of the word. As simple, et confusing, as the theme may be it is actually the complete opposite.

The most encouraging thing about this is the different views of such a word that is considered “norm.” As for the theme: Camp is basically all things that is considered by most to all of society to be “naturally humorous, ridiculous, or profane in our collective culture.” It is similar to what we call Avanté Garde. Completely out of the ordinary and taking the irregular not-so-normal creations from out mind to the nearest world of artistic understanding, the Fashion Industry.

The most looked forward to, after the actual star studded event, is the contributing engineering designer of the Year’s exhibit. Always a complete reflection of getting out of the ordinary and sharing visions of art we never know we need until we desire it: Gucci by way of Alessandro Michele – who will also serve as co-chair, alongside Gaga, Styles, Williams, and Anna Wintour. So – to headline this years Costume Ball and Fashions Biggest night we have: a visionary that sees the living in the dead, a gender binding sensation who can find the gratifying approach in any blouse or mens trousers, an athletic overcomer that uses the bends of rules to re-teach, and a pop-star whom as one time made us all want a rib-eye gown. It’s safe to say it’ll be yet another night to remember as Susan Sontag said “camp is all around us.”

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