Kylie Jenner Has Sister Talk On How She Changed Baby Stormi’s Name At The Last Minute

photo by @KylieJenner

The millennial multi-millionaire sat down for her first ever YouTube collaboration with Covergirl Male Spokesmodel and Beauty Guru James Charles today. In a very conversational interview, Charles and Jenner talk more than make-up. While painting a Halloween Kylie Cosmetics Look on the CEO, they chatted about a few different things – but the most ear-pleasing was how her beautiful baby girl’s name came about.

It seems as James was just as excited as I was to chat with Jenner about her 8 month old bundle of Joy. “She’s just changing every day,” Jenner replies. “She’s really just becoming a little person. She reminds me a lot of Kendall.” We can only imagine how much fun she has with her new best-friend, but to anyone’s surprise she wants SEVEN more girls, and the slightest thought of a boy. “I do want to have more, but when is the question.” Going into how she wants Stormi to have a sister. “Like, I want seven girls and then like maybe I’ll consider a boy.”

But it was the name picking that shocked alot of people believe it or not. “I was just looking on nature names, like weather-earth inspired, Storm was on there, but I was like, I kind of want an ‘ie’ like me. So then I did ‘Stormie.’ It was always Stormie… and then I didn’t fully chose her name, I wanted to have like a week of just me and her to see if I wanted to change it.” I mean, cause who actually does research and put some meaning behind such a beautiful name and face anymore, right? Thankfully she still believes in the power of the moniker, yet she still wasn’t fully writing it in stone.

“When they called me from the birth certificate office and I was finalizing the name. I was like S-t-o-r-m-i…Literally, right then and there I just changed it to an ‘i.’ And they were like ‘Okay.’ I hung up the phone and I was like, damn, I guess that’s her name!”

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