Rihanna Blushes In Pink For Fenty Beauty Australia Event

photos by Dennis Leupold

Rihanna has been on a global tour promoting the insanely beautiful Fenty Beauty with her Sephora Family – but on the perfect date for Pink, Ri made a case in a Blush moment for her Aussie fans.


Rihanna is no stranger to an over-the-top epic look, but in some cases she definitely makes less look best. For Mean Girls Wednesday, Pink was definitely the thing. The badgal graced a classic Dolce & Gabbana Blush Pink mini dress. Rihanna hosted a Fenty Beauty meet-n-greet in Sydney at Sephora. The blush moment came forward in a light air, lined in a dazzling diamond trim. Accessorizing with mini crystal covered purse, a trendy cat-eye frame, and simple crystal sandals, and perfect diamond hoop earrings. Yet it was the bronzed thighs and that made the look completely worth while (not that it wouldn’t be either way, I mean it’s RI!)

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