Spring 2019 | Maison Margiela – RTW

Photo: Kim Weston Arnold / Indigital.tv

MM1One of the most beautiful things the Margiela brand has always stood tall upon is the aspect of defiant individuality. Knowing who you are and completely embracing it is something that always resonates with a consumer – most importantly, Generation Z. “there are no rules—you write the book.” Galliano said backstage of his SS’19 stage RTW show.

Living in this age where everything is immediate and microwaveable its hard to become appealing and create that excitement. Yet, leave it to Maison Margiela to uphold the ambiance and continue to create the spice of beauty. When we look at the world today we always hold it to a specific standard of what we think it should be – and the same goes for Fashion. We always attempt at a comparison of the “rules” of what Fashion should be, instead of accepting it for what it was and embracing the push forward.

Today Galliano made the embrace apparent and strategic. The role of gender bending has always been fair and accepted amongst women – them in structurally tailored pants suits, menswear, boyfriend jeans. Yet nothing for the other side. Sitting second row, I was able to see the magical moment with a sort of blast to the past from the future. Hence the iPhone holster pumps. A beautiful mechanism of true non-binary and making it sincere – barely able to recognize the men from the women. In a complete range from skirts to dresses, extremely cropped pants, blouses and tulle to structure any “masculine” frame. A true expression, and defining moment of gender fluidity.

“It doesn’t matter who wears it,” Galliano said. Describing the collection as “nomadic couture” it sees beyond what a piece is supposed to be and proposes all that it could be.

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