Ryan Destiny Serves A Summer Style Lesson In The Power Suit

The Women have brought an entire new definition to the power suit. The classic trend definitely isn’t coming to a stop anytime soon, at least not with Hollywood’s new STAR -Ryan Destiny.


Styled by young Architect, Scot Louie – they took the power in attending the American Black Film Festival in Miami this year to definitely make a statement. Perfect for the setting the Actress/Singer sported a Worth Blue 2-piece suit. With a relaxed tailor, statement pockets, and capri style pants – the color blocked peach pink pump is the perfect accessory to compliment Destiny’s Alien style sunnies. Most admirable is the midline plunge offer by the suit jacket. The lapel, which is outline in white stitching to compliment the pocket, leads into a custom set-up of buttons in a unique symmetry of appeal. Keeping the look sultry, fun, and tasteful.

A Style sensation to definitely watch, Destiny isn’t a stranger to taking a style moment and making it hers – or even setting a trend or two for us to adore.


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