Everything Is Love – The Surprise Album From The Carters Is Available Now


A moment we truly were all shaking for came at surprise for us this afternoon. At the closing of their show, Beyonce & Jay-Z released their album Everything Is Love today. An apparent lesson in triumphing through your troubles, black is proud, and that Love is the only answer. Released as The Carters, the first message comes with a mere view of equality. Not just amongst love within a home, but with men and women in a whole.

They additionally released a visual to the already fan favorite of APESHIT – an ode to elevate and showcase how strong it is to be African-American. Making a statement of ‘We Are Here’, the album cover is a revolting moment. A black magnificence – there’s a black man with coiled hair being picked out by a black woman. Usually on the front porches of our hood, or the living room of our grandmothers house – but this time in front of the Mona Lisa, a legendary “Western” painting held most prized over any. A silent saying of “We Were Here, We Are Here.”

The Album is available now on Tidal, iTunes, and limited on Spotify.

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