Resort 2019 | GUCCI

photos by Getty Images

Gucci put meaning behind the phrase ‘burying fire’ with the debut of their 2019 Resort show under Alessandro Michele. Yesterday evening the Italian Fashion House showcased their annual Resort show in a not so tropical way – on the fire-trailed burial grounds of Les Alyscamps in Arles, France.

Possibly crowned the Roman Ruler of New Age Fashion, Michele invited us to yet another dark, but enlightening, mystical corner of his mind. “Fascinated by the idea of death” he created an enchanted Horror Sci-Fi thriller appearance for this set.

quoting ““Alyscamps is a Roman cemetery, but it’s also not a cemetery, it was a promenade, it became a walk in the 1700s; it is hybridized, it does not look like a cemetery because it is and it isn’t. I like things that seem like something but are not,” #AlessandroMichele. Flames and fire divide the runway which features candles burning on iron candelabras for the #GucciCruise19 fashion show on the Promenade Des Alyscamps in Arles. The ancient site, where Roman citizens were buried, is the setting for the new collection showing live now on Gucci’s Instagram Stories.

Alive death can unsightly be the thought behind the creations this season with on display rib-cages, and extra-terristrial shaped head pieces pushing Gucci towards the non-binary lane of Fashion – most appealing were the hard deciphering women from women. Men flaunted in platform heels, coat dresses and flare leg pants as captivating and enticing as any other. Closing the show with a delicate Gucci bride risking a fire eating angel white elongated-collared Victorian gown and gothic cross.

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