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Kim Kardashian Definitely Did The Damn Theme Tonight At The MET Gala

Heavenly Bawdies right?


In addition to oozing Cosmetics and Fragrances, one thing Kim serves is capital BODWHY!

Although less simple than her high-fashion colleagues, she shaped the Heavenly Bodies thought a tad different – literally. The Social Maven wore a dazzling, floor length, gold number by Versace that may appear as ‘off-theme’ to some, but clearly you don’t get and we don’t care to explain. But we’ll tell you this, we’ve never seen a nun with a body that’s gaudy like this! The sleek, MILF look definitely suits Kim well. You can’t do anything but appreciate one that respects her boundaries and where she is right now and more ways than one to deliver sexy.

Or possibly her glam could be the real couture of the evening because mama was definitely glammed down.


Using what I’m sure to be all of her own Cosmetics – the glam is definitely unprecedented and fantastic. Down to the smoky eye and symmetrical same page eyebrows, light lip lining, and bare everything else – this will definitely be an all-time favorite look for her.

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