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Nicki Minaj Give Us Onika Couture in New ‘Chun Li’ Video

photo are screen grabs from ‘Chun Li’ video & Fly Tv.

How many of ’em could’ve did it with finesse?


Same Nicki girl, same. It’s no secret that Nicki always creates a moment with well – every dam thing she does. Her videos have always either served us dramatics on a platter, or a platter of Dramatics. As for ‘Chun Li’ – we got a little bit of both. With over 3 million views in a little under a 24 hour release style influence is clearly undeniable from the Queen.

Diamonds, Glitter Lips, Big Hair, Outfits outlined in LED & Chopsticks are what you can expect to see for the next couple of months. Styled by B. Akerlund & Brett Alan Nelson, two undeniable creative architects, delivered an undeniable complex of theatre when it came to the costumes – including platforms so high she needed a little support with the strut.

In the Steven-Klein directed video, something overpowered even more than the custom Vex Clothing lit, literally, latex moment. Her extreme glitter lips. I mean honestly, there’s no way they could be ignored with a collaboration with make-up goddesses Pat McGrath and Nicki’s makeup artist Sheika Daley. Using thousands of Swarovski crystals and Pat’s legendary MatteTrance lipstick – the two fused the perfect looks to match the legendary street fighter – Chun Li into a more custom lyrical version, better known as Nicki Minaj.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

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