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Backstage with Jeremy Scott – NYFW SS18

all media from Frankie Bleau for The BleauBook.

T’was that beautiful time of year again. Beautiful models, authentic (some at least) fashion, brave creativity, and the designers behind it all. One of my favorite and one that seemingly never encounters a problem with setting a trend is THE Jeremy Scott.

This season we had the pleasure of getting a tiny glimpse of what goes on before all the nerves hit the catwalk of lights and cameras. It began with a breeze through of media check-in.. beautiful fashion forward credential checkers telling us yes and no to the who’s who, and well, who’s not. Luckily right along the time that we were checking Jeremy Scott himself was walking in with a few from his team in this beautifully decadent bubble jacket full of prints to come on the runway set forth in a few hours.

once we arrived through the commotion to well, more commotion, lol… it was truly a sight.


Models, make-up artist, hairstylist, barbers, stylists standing-rounders, and more models were all front and forward for the preparation of the show. One thing I always find interesting about Jeremy’s shows is the theatrics of the hair and make-up. It’s always astronomical. Like, ALWAYS! So I expected none less this season. Going for very blunt a-symmetrical bobs with razor sharp bangs is one thing, but with highlighter-neon colors is a total different thing. Lol.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.23.50 PM.png

See, beautiful right? And the make-up was very defined. Complimented the accessory wigs in a perfect combining harmony. Amazingly enough, the highlighted color at the tips were 3-dimensional! Like, you could touch it. It wasn’t a gluey look, or pastey.. it was perfect. The diversity of it all it really what captivate us all. All shades, different ranges, sizes, and make-up wasn’t just chosen to suit one look on one person.

EVERYONE looked amazing!


Nevermind what anyone says, EVERYONE was extremely pleasant. No ridiculous stuck-up stories, nobody thinking they’re better than anyone, none of that. Honestly just a pleasant very enjoyable atmosphere. Could be because it was only the beginning of Fashion Month, lol… but honestly such a fantastic evening.


Thank you Jeremy, and the entire J. Scott team.. See you again next year!


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