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our favorite 2k17 new years looks!

twentyseventeen was definitely a fantastic year for Fashion, so bringing in the new one bared nothing less than couture.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.23.50 PM



There were only about 2-3 major events, all seemingly in Miami & New York (the usual hotspots) but specifically Monsieur Sean Comb’s Star Island palace was the indulgence of choice for the evening/morning partying until well after 7 AM.. Everyone looks rather dazzling in their festive fashions..

..let’s share a few of our favorites –


Sir Johan


This young don dawned the evening well prepared in a Balmain kids double breasted Sports Coat by Olivier Rousting. I mean sure, we were all wearing $1,400.00 jackets as well at this age, so don’t you think he deserves his spot? lol.



Teyana Taylor


No denying this chick’s fashion sense. Everything she touches turns to gold, Or dark silver in this case.. Wearing a custom Confetti NYC high slit gown and a light Valentino sandal, easily bridging us into our next two favorites!


3 + 4

Cassie & Duckie Confetti


Honestly, you couldn’t do one without the other. I’m sure you’ve seen this picture countless times circulating the web and each time we became more and more in awe. Cassie & Duckie complete each other in more ways than just a pose for a picture. Anyone else smell Fuchsia and Gold this seasons colors?

Cassie is beaming in a La Perla bra, Spring 2018 Alexander McQueen Maxi skirt and clutch. Duckie in none other than a custom Confetti NYC Tuxedo.



Hailee Steinfeld


As complex as this Balmain Spring 2018 runway look may appear, it’s the chicest little number for us. The pullback high pony, light make-up, and little to no jewelry was prime in setting this look on fire the way that it is.

Who else is excited and looking forward to more Fashion in this new year?

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