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An ‘ALL IN, TELL ALL’ documentary on Lady GaGa is coming to HBO!

“This is the first time Gaga has offered no-holds-barred access like this.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.23.50 PM

Don’t you just love it when you get a chance to be nosey with your favorite celebs?

2017 has undeniably been one of Lady GaGa’s greatest! From her smashing Super Bowl half time performance, to her smash album ‘Jeanne’, all leading up to this magnificent moment in GaGa history! It isn’t a far surprise, given that after some time we all just get tired of holding it all in and just have to tell SOMEONE – well, for some of us that somebody just happens to be the entire world through a premium network.

The Sun broke the news this morning about the untitled Documentary covering the past 13 months of GaGa’s very busy schedule. Giving us a major insight of two grand times in her life (her international crossover with ‘Joanne’ & not-so-private break up with former fiancé Taylor Kenney. There was speculation well before today of a GaGa movie to debut at Cannes Film Festival this summer, but wasn’t quite off of the editing board.

We all can’t wait to see this all-in exclusive GaGa!

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